40 Easy DIY Teacup Mini Garden Ideas to Add Bliss to Your Home

Teacup mini gardens add a bit of enchantment anywhere in your home. Made from readily available items, they are quick and easy projects that will bring you years of enjoyment with little maintenance. Use any of these great teacup mini garden ideas to create an interesting and fun décor item. Chipped or mismatched teacups are perfect for this project. If you don’t have any unused teacups on hand, try a flea market, dollar store, or thrift shop. Toy and hobby stores often have dollhouse and model train accessories that fit well in teacup gardens.

To bring any of these ideas to life, drill a small hole in the bottom of your teacup. Adding some pebbles before the soil will aid in drainage for your plants. Decorate your teacups with accessories and plant varieties. You can use one example or a combination of elements in these delightful teacup mini garden ideas. Create one or several for a charming arrangement.